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Sell or Part Exchange your cars

We are happy to consider your current vehicle in part exchange, you can either call us with the details or simply take a couple of minutes to fill out this form and email your enquiry directly to us.

Selling your current vehicle

We are always looking to replenish our stock with similar vehicle's to those advertised on our website, so if you are thinking of selling your existing vehicle and are looking for a quick and efficient transaction, then please don't hesitate to contact Deca Motors International for a no pressured, no obligation


Payments from Deca Motors International LTD are always made electronically, gone are the days of Bank Drafts, Cheque's and even Cash, by way of an Electronic Bank Transfer the payment is instant, safe, guaranteed but most of all offer's complete peace of mind to know that you have been paid immediately and that the funds have been cleared in your bank account for your instant use.

Existing finance settlements

If you are thinking of part exchanging a vehicle that is subject to an already existing finance agreement then don't worry as we can settle any outstanding finance agreement in one single easy transaction, we can even deal direct with your current lender making the whole transaction as smooth as possible.

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